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Tile Painting

What if there is a way to customize the tiles in your house with your unique designs and signatures? This class will open you up to this possibilities and more. Using ceramic tiles with some colour materials, your bright ideas will come to life on the tiles.
Tile Painting

Course Description

This painting class will require the use of ceramic tiles to create drink coaster, wall decorative tiles etc. The class will bring out your creative and decorative skills while learning how to make either mural or branding a tile for your living rooms.

Course Topic

Tile Painting

Course Gallery

2 hours

100/ Participant


Excited about creating and willingness to learn new things. Above all a very great attitude

Who is this for?

  1. Beginner and Amateur Learners
  2. Individuals interested brushing up their drawing skills
  3. Professional Artists
  4. Genral Public

What is included?

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