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Pattern Drawing 1 & 2

Patterns are part of our everyday life. Our lives to some extent is dependent on the many routing activities (patterns) that we do every day. We see patterns both in nature and in man-made objects. At the airport, blocks of flats within our neighborhood, on the farm lands and even the way we arrange our shelves. This course will enable you get the basic understanding in making patterns. Good for fashion designers, interior decorators and all who love to create a respetitive design for both indoor and outdoor decorations.
Pattern Drawing 1 & 2

Course Description

Pattern Drawing 1

Patterns are simply a repetition of more than one design element working in concert with one another. This class extends to two classes as it will enable students appreciate the Art of textile and mural design. This consistent and reproducing of a style of shape makes them into patterns.

Pattern Drawing 2

Patterns – Cut out with arrangements. From the repetitive drawing and painting class, we take it a step further in cutting out this shapes to make beautiful arrangements on a colour card or paper.

Course Topic

Pattern Drawing 1 & 2

Course Gallery

2 hours/ Class



Excited about creating and willingness to learn new things. Above all a very great attitude

Who is this for?

  1. Beginner and Amateur Learners
  2. Individuals interested brushing up their drawing skill
  3. Professional Artists
  4. Genral Public

What is included?

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