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Dirty Cup Painting

This is a beautiful art class with beautiful outcome from the end product of the creative work. The outcome of this artistic experience gives birth to abstract art pieces ready for sale to your friends and neighbour. You can become an abstract painter in just one class under dirty cup painting or pouring technique of making painting works.
Dirty Cup Painting

Course Description

Dirty Cup Pouring Technique of painting is a style of free-hand painting using acrylic paints mixed with water and poured onto a blank Canvas for a free flow of many layers of colours from the cup. Very messy and fun! You will love this workshop as it will help you to think like an abstract painter.

Course Topic

Dirty Cup Painting

Course Gallery

2 hours

100/ Participant


Excited about creating and willingness to learn new things. Above all a very great attitude

Who is this for?

  1. Beginner and Amateur Learners
  2. Individuals interested brushing up their drawing skills
  3. Professional Artists
  4. Genral Public

What is included?

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