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Air Brush Painting for Beginners

Air Brush Painting makes a genius graffiti artist out of you. This course helps you to create murals, different pattern styles and a whole lots more. You will learn how to make your air brush tools using everyday household material costing you less than $5. You want to know how? Register your team or class for this course.
Air Brush Painting for Beginners

Course Description

Air brushing effects using empty pen cases. Student will know how to use color by blowing through a pen case and making color splashes on white surfaces to create patterns and shades. This is a good idea in making birthday cards and greeting cards.

Course Topic

Air Brush Painting for Beginners

Course Gallery

2 hours

$ 100/ Participant


Excited about creating and willingness to learn new things. Above all a very great attitude

Who is this for?

  1. Beginner and Amateur Learners
  2. Individuals interested in brushing up their drawing skills
  3. Professional Artists
  4. Genral Public

What is included?

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